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Borrowing the “adaptation” concept from the natural sciences, the international community progressively intensified efforts to identify measures that could increase the protection of environmentally vulnerable populations in case of internal or cross-border mobility. Our mapping exercise, carefully taking account of the global policy-making processes, aims to closely look into the existing normative framework to identify which existing instruments could play an active role in the legal framework on adaptive migration strategies.

The interactive maps include instruments pertaining to:

  1. multilevel migration governance: i.e. the main national legal frameworks, bilateral and regional agreements related to migration, labour migration and trade migration;
  2. humanitarian protection instruments: humanitarian measures, i.e. refugee instruments;
  3. climate change instruments and disaster law instruments;
  4. international cooperation instruments.

The tool includes a temporal dimension, to explore the correlation, if any, between the migration domain and the climate change domain and whether the debates in different issue domains influence each other, for instance, by facilitating the adoption of new instruments in the field of climate change law with a link to migration, or the reverse.

The annotations window on your right make possible to interact with us by providing any updates of listed instruments, comments and feedback

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